"Peace of Mind Adult Family Home... Where Residents are Family!"
    Certified by the State of Washington
       Member, Peace of Mind Adult Family Home
          A Division of Navaluna Corporation
Staff Credentials
At Peace of Mind Adult Family Home, our care providers embody our home’s core values: Compassion, Kindness, Integrity, Responsibility, and Love. We communicate proactively with family members and the medical community to ensure the highest quality care for residents as we address their physical and emotional needs.

Our facility's team is composed of caring and competent individuals who are available 24/7, either on-staff or on-call:

  • RN on staff
  • Certified health care staff
  • Specialist in dementia care and care for those with memory loss
  • Specialist in adult and geriatric care
  • Nurse Consultant services

Peace of Mind Adult Family Home coordinate on-site services:

  • On-call doctor
  • Physical Theraphy
  • Speech Theraphy
  • Occupational Theraphy
  • Hospice Care
  • Podiatry
  • Hearing aid and audiology
  • Mobile library
  • Haircuts

Peace of Mind Adult Family Home are experienced care for patients with

  • Dementia / Alzheimer's
  • Mental health / Parkinson's
  • Diabetes / stroke
  • Cancer / hospice
  • Respiratory / wound care
  • Foley catheter / tube feeding

Owned & managed by a Registered Nurse, Sheila Navaluna, RN, BSN. Call us at (425) 442-0930 for a tour!


"Caring for the elderly is the most culturally innate attribute of our family. We started by caring for our own aging family members, so we understand the unique challenges and needs associated with caring for elderly loved ones. We get a deep sense of satisfaction from providing loving care to all our residents. We believe that by building a foundation of trust, integrity, and quality care, we create a family setting for everyone associated with our homes, especially our residents."

Sheila Navaluna, RN, BSN
Edison Navaluna, NAR
Peace of Mind Adult Family Home