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Success Stories
Success Story of a Former Resident

Janet Henness had a massive stroke in June 2007. The stroke left her paralyzed on her left side and she was being fed through a feeding tube. After she was referred to live at Peace of Mind Adult Family Home, the providers, Sheila and Edison Navaluna, personally visited her at the rehab center and assessed the care she needed. They facilitated her health care management and transfer to their facility.

At the Peace of Mind home, she and her husband Bob were welcomed with open arms. This was the first time they would be living in separate homes. Determined to live normally with her husband in their own home, she underwent months of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. With the help of our caregivers and the home health therapists, she regained some mobility on the left side of her body and could eat solid food. During her rehabilitation, Bob was there to support her everyday. Now, Bob and Janet live in their own home which once seemed impossible.

This is truly a success story of Janet and Bobís love for each other and the care provided by Peace of Mind Adult Family Home staff, and healthcare professionals.


"Caring for the elderly is the most culturally innate attribute of our family. We started by caring for our own aging family members, so we understand the unique challenges and needs associated with caring for elderly loved ones. We get a deep sense of satisfaction from providing loving care to all our residents. We believe that by building a foundation of trust, integrity, and quality care, we create a family setting for everyone associated with our homes, especially our residents."

Sheila Navaluna, RN, BSN
Edison Navaluna, NAR
Peace of Mind Adult Family Home