"Peace of Mind Adult Family Home... Where Residents are Family!"
    Certified by the State of Washington
       Member, Peace of Mind Adult Family Home
          A Division of Navaluna Corporation
What Folks are Saying:
"The care given to my patient by Edison and Sheila has been outstanding. They have been able to care for her with difficult medical problems, and they have been accessible and responsive to calls and situations requiring coordination of care."

- Dr. Joe Berkson

"The minute I walked into the Peace OF Mind home, I sensed it was the comforting home environment I was seeking for my mother. I moved her in the very next day. She is now with people who see her as a whole person, even though she has lost some capability for mental reasoning. She is not judged. She is loved, respected and assisted with the basic fundamentals that enable her to face each day with dignity."

- Lyn Wiltse

"Edison and Sheila have developed a caring environment with qualified professional staff who truly cares about the residents. They treat our father with care and respect and work closely with us to provide a loving, safe, and family-like atmosphere. Sheila's nursing expertise adds the peace of mind that we all look for when placing a loved one in a home."

- Cynthia and Barry

"It is hard to find the words to express our thanks and gratitude to you and your team. For me living so far away, it was especially important to know that mom was being well cared for. I would also like to thank you for supporting Taya through these very difficult times, especially during the last hours of momís life. I wish you all the health and courage to continue to help others through times like these. With great gratitude for your kindness to my mother. Fond regards."

- Tasha

"Peace of Mind Adult Family Home provides a family environment with a staff that shows love and respect for the residents, as well as a helpful support system for the family members. You are always welcome and greeted with Ďopen armsí. It is truly a partnership between the providers and the families. Peace of Mind Adult Family Home provides a respectful, safe, and healthy environment for the unique needs of each resident."

- Juanita Phelps

"I will be going home to Fall City with Bob on Friday May 30th. Thank you and your staff for the dedicated care which makes this possible for us."

- Robert & Janet Henness

"My husband is a long time resident of this facility. Iíve visited every day, morning and evening so have had ample time to observe the patient, loving care given by all caregivers. They truly care for the residents as if family.
We have no complaints and recommend this facility to anyone.

- Barbara Ellis

"Wonderful, safe, and caring. I feel very comfortable and at ease having my mother in their care. Any concerns I have are addressed immediately. I also like that Sheila is a Registered Nurse, she can observe any changes/conditions and address them. I am always informed of any changes/problems with my Mom. I have no complaints nor does my Mom. She is made to feel like family of the caregivers."

- Marilyn Suarez


"Caring for the elderly is the most culturally innate attribute of our family. We started by caring for our own aging family members, so we understand the unique challenges and needs associated with caring for elderly loved ones. We get a deep sense of satisfaction from providing loving care to all our residents. We believe that by building a foundation of trust, integrity, and quality care, we create a family setting for everyone associated with our homes, especially our residents."

Sheila Navaluna, RN, BSN
Edison Navaluna, NAR
Peace of Mind Adult Family Home